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CEL-PF300-T9 Xenon light source system(Integrated light source)

Model: CEL-PF300-T9

Place of Origin:Beijing

Brief introduction:Xenon Light source is widely used for scientific research in fields of Photolysis of Hydrogen and Oxygen, CO2 Reduction, Light and Heat Synergy, Photothermal Catalysis

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Xenon Light source is widely used for scientific research in fields of Photolysis of Hydrogen and Oxygen, CO2 Reduction, Light and Heat Synergy, Photothermal Catalysis, Photochemical Catalysis, Photochemical synthesis, Photodegradable pollutants, Water Pollution Treatment, Biological Lighting, Optical Inspection, Solar Simulation.

Instrument advantages for CEL-PF300-T9

1. CEL-PF300-T9 is an integrally formed power supply and light box.

2. The new power supply is integrated with the trigger module, reducing a large number of lines and greatly reducing the failure rate;

3. The trigger voltage of the new power supply is half of the original (±15KV), greatly reducing the interference to the outside world;

4. The bulb uses the latest module heat dissipation structure to improve the stability of light output;

5. The user of the PE300 bulb can quickly replace it without any connection and disassembly;

6. Adopt the latest optical path structure to realize multiple concentricity of bulb, heat dissipation, isolation, flange, etc .;

7. A new temperature control feedback system is used to isolate high voltage and improve accuracy;

8. The standard steering lens can match the M62 and M52 full range of filters, and any multi-layer superimposed filters;

9. T9 light source can be equipped with electric lifting platform LMP400 to achieve convenient lifting adjustment;

               LMP400 Lifting Platform

Technical Parameters



Output light Power

0~20 Sun(1Sun=1000W/m2)

0~20 Sun

Spectral Output(nm)


300nm~2500nm(ozone free)


Beam Diameter

Above 60mm

Above 60mm


UV Output, <390nm (Watts)



IR Output, >770nm (Watts)



Visible Output, 390-770nm (Lumens)



Input Power(Watts)

300W(Igniter DC   ±15KV,Working DC   14V)

Working Current (Amps DC)


Total Output light Power


Bulb Life(Hours)


Output light stability


Temperature Control System

The light source system adopts multi-point   temperature monitoring to ensure the stable output of the light source;

The fan speed delay is automatically adjusted   according to the system temperature to stabilize the light intensity output;


CEL-LMP400 Lifting Platform

CEL-LB70 Photochemical experiment box

CEL-NP2000-2 Glare Optical Power Meter

Optional quartz coated filter(M62)

Available Optical Filters

AREF(Full Reflective,200-2500nm)   - Default included with lamp set

VisREF (Reflect Visible Light, 350-780nm)

UVREF (Reflect UV, 200-400nm)

AM1.5G (300-1100nm)

UVIRCut400 (Band Pass 400-780nm)

UVIRCut420 (Band Pass 420-780nm)

CUT800 (Pass Above 800nm)

Band Pass Filters

QD254, QD275, QD280, QD295

QD300-800,QD313, QD320, QD325, QD330, 

QD334, QD350, QD355, QD360,  QD365, QD370, 

QD375, QD380,QD400, QD405, QD420, QD435,

QD450,QD475,QD500, QD520, QD550, QD578,

QD600,QD630, QD650, QD670,QD700, QD730, 


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